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More fake H-E-B coupons floating around on social media

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TEXAS – Before you print that off that coupon or decide to add extra things to your grocery list, you might want to check if that coupon you found is actually the real deal. In 2019 scams are everywhere, in the mail, over the phone, on T.V., in your junk box, and that also includes social media.

There is a too good to be true offer from HEB circulating around claiming to be in honor of the store’s 50th anniversary, providing $80 off per family. The catch is, the HEB grocery store chain was founded in 1905, making the company 114 years old.

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The social media post sends the viewer to a fake website and asks them to participate in a survey and to share the link/post on Facebook, continuously spreading the scam.

For real offers from HEB, you can visit their online coupon website at heb.com/static-page/coupons.

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