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Ingram Warrior Rockets class has successful launches in Willow City

May 1, 2018

Last week, the Ingram Warrior Rockets classes competed in Rockets 2018 in Willow City, TX.

It was the smoothest launch in Ingram history. Ingram was the first to complete the inspection of all four of their rockets and the first school to arrive at the launch site. Side by side, all of their rockets were successfully launched and recovered.

Two rockets, Team Iris and Team Black Fire, were designed to deliver a one pound payload exactly one mile above ground level. The results were that Team Iris came within the distance of a football field for an aware for the mile.

Two other rockets, Team Heaven’s Calling and Team Alpha/Omega, were designed to break the speed of sound while staying under 13,000 feet in altitude. The results of this launch were Team Heaven’s Calling, achieved a speed of Mach 1.11 (~850 miles per hour) which was 11% faster than the speed of sound. The team members, Natalie Lozano, JD Collier, Michael Buck and Cameron Nolan, will be receiving a banner award.

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