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Meet Beaux Tox, the local dog who got a second chance

April 28, 2018

He is active, well-behaved, and he wears a tie. Beaux Tox is a rescue dog that was picked by fate, especially for his owner, Jamie Hulit. Beaux and his family live in the area and he has a unique story to go with his unique facial features.

Before Beaux was born, he was so squished in the womb by his puppy siblings that his skull didn’t form as it should have. Although his head is visibly misshapen, it doesn’t cause any issues with his brain function.

Beaux was adopted by Jamie after his previous owner had kept him outside and uncared for. Jamie believes that fate brought her and Beaux together.

After Jamie’s lab of 16 years had passed away, she had plans to purchase a yellow labrador puppy from a breeder in another state. The breeder failed to conceive so Jamie wasn’t able to get a puppy. About a week later, she saw Beaux’s picture online and felt like God was telling her she needed to give him a home.

When Jamie took Beaux in for his first veterinarian visit at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic in Kerrville, they reluctantly informed her that he was so infested with heartworms and ear mites that it wasn’t likely he would survive very long.

She told Beaux’s vet, Dr. Jay Rydberg, to do whatever it takes to get him healthy again. Their first goal was to get enough weight on him to have him be able to start heartworm treatment.

Jamie praises Dr. Rydberg for the time he gave Beaux. She said that he would often put in long hours giving Beaux the care he needed. She credits Dr. Rydberg and Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic for going above and beyond for Beaux, giving him the medical treatment he deserved. She is extremely thankful for them.

Because of his ear mite infestation, he ended up losing his hearing in his left ear. He is also partially blind, due to his facial deformity. However, these issues don’t bring Beaux’s spirits down. When our KBN reporter met with Jamie and Beaux, he was just like any other dog, rambunctious, curious, and loving.

Jamie has now had Beaux for a year and takes him to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic for regular check-ups to help maintain his good health status. She told KBN that although Beaux has his papers, he also has a health certificate and that means more to her than anything.

If you ever see Beaux, you will see that he always wears a tie. When asked about the tie, Jamie said, “I started making him ties when I was trying to get him on a healthier track so it would make him more approachable. He is a very dapper dog. He’s a gem. He gets along with all the neighborhood kids, they come knocking on my door all the time to play with him.”

Jamie also has 2 other dogs, both with one-of-a-kind stories like Beaux’s.

Riley, who came to Jamie before Beaux, used to belong to a neighbor of hers. He was a soldier who was deployed in Afganistan. Riley would always jump the fence to go to Jamie’s house. One day, the soldier’s fiance asked Jamie if she wanted to keep him since he was over there all the time anyway. Jamie had no problem with that because she had already fallen in love with him.

Scout, her most recent rescue dog, was living in San Antonio under an 83-year-old man’s house. After several attempts of others to catch her, she wasn’t able to be caught by anybody. Jamie decided to try and Scout went right up to her. Again, Jamie knew this was fate and took her home right away.

Jamie has been fostering dogs for about 12 years but had never taken one in permanently until Beaux came into her life. She said that it is extremely hard to foster but she loves happy endings and if she can help an animal have a happy ending it is all worth it. Jamie feels that there are so many animals that need someone to care them and if we turn the other way, the problem doesn’t get solved.

Jamie works with organizations such as Hill Country SPCA, HOTLR of Austin and ACS and SAPA of San Antonio.

If you would like to assist in helping Jamie and Beaux save other animals and accomplish the task of making them more adoptable, you can visit Beaux’s GoFundMe page. This page is set up so that Jamie can continue to care for the animals, like Beaux, that need love and medical attention to get them ready for adoption.

Jamie also requested for KBN to mention that heartworm prevention for your pets is very important. One simple pill a month can save thousands of lives and thousands of dollars in heartworm treatment and veterinarian bills.

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