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Be on the look out for fake police officers

People impersonating police officers have been reported pulling motorists over on roads across the state. The most recent, was a few weeks back, in Kyle, Texas, where there were two reports of this impersonation in the same week.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a driver is dealing with a real police officer during a traffic stop. Impersonators are usually thorough, buying a uniform, badge, utility belt, vehicle lights and sometimes markings for their cars.

Often times younger citizens and elderly citizens are targeted by these criminals. If you are being pulled over by an unmarked or suspicious vehicle that has flashing red and blue lights, there are a few ways to determine if the officer pulling you over is a real officer or someone who is impersonating an officer.

Once you see lights, alert the officer that you are aware they are trying to stop you by turning on your hazard lights and driving to the nearest lighted or populated area. If you have any suspicions, call 911 as you pull your vehicle over and the dispatcher will be able to tell the caller if there is an active officer attempting to pull your vehicle over.

All police officers are required to carry identification cards stating their credentials. If you have been pulled over by a suspicious person or vehicle and you feel that the officer might not be a real officer, call 911 dispatch to confirm the officer’s identity.

By being on the phone with 911, if you are being pulled over by an impersonator, they will be able to dispatch a real officer to assist you.

If you notice a suspicious person possibly imitating a police officer, please call the local police department or 911.

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